Master's degree in Industrial Engineering


Company's presentation

BonArea carries out the production and supply of feed, the manufacture of medicines and phytosanitary products, the veterinary assistance services and the technical service for livestock farms, as well as the supply and sale of fuel and livestock equipment. Similarly, through the "La Closa"

Meat Complex located in Guissona, laCorporació carries out all the meat processing (poultry and cattle slaughterhouses, cutting rooms, fabricad'elaborats and cooked, etc.). Finally, it carries out the commercialization of meat products through "bonÀrea" sestabliments that reach the final consumer without intermediaries.

We are currently in a period of expansion, with the forecast of a new meat complex in Aragon. Therefore, we could also value people who are interested in establishing their residence and therefore working in that area, after training at the Guissona headquarters.

Dual Training Mode

1 place for Dual Training aimed at UdL students

Data on training activities in the company

The tasks performed by the student within the company will be evaluated and will be recognized for a total of 24 ECTS credits. The specialty that will be recognized to the student within the dual training program is the "Enterprise Integrated Projects".

BonÀrea if you are interested in the student being able to carry out their TFM in the company. Different places where a TFM can be developed:

  1. Regarding industrial organization. We have a section dedicated to new industrial facilities that consists of a technical office and 3 specialized workers, a total of about 110 self-employed and own employees. Working in a multi-project environment sharing resources makes workload balancing a very difficult task to remember and we would do well to set up a workflow control and monitoring system that allows us to manage the forecast well. and job balancing.

  2. Regarding design and testing of machines, we have a team that is dedicated to precisely this. You can collaborate with this team and it can be any of the new machines they design, the TFM.

  3. Regarding industrial construction. We have an industrial construction project design team. A TFM can be made of any of the projects we are continuously running

  4. Another need we have is to implement work in BIM system. We’re now at 0, and we’re outsourcing it outside. Raising an in-house BIM work system could be a TFM.

Description of the tasks and the professional profile to be developed by the student / worker

  • Lean Management implementation within Maintenance.
  • Give support to the improvement in the management of the spare parts section.
  • Support our GIM maintenance tool both in preventive and predictive.
  • Join the team of new projects both in current lines to increase productivity and in new production lines.

Integrated training in the company

Corporació Alimentària de Guissona

C/ Traspalau, 8


Profile of students / treballadors

Knowledge and requirements

industrial engineering



Other aspects to be assessed in the selection process