Master's degree in Industrial Engineering



Presentation of the company

Rigual's main activity is the design, manufacture, sale and after-sales service of:

- Trailers and agricultural machinery

- Truck-mounted and self-supporting tanks for the transport of liquid fuels, with or without supply and measurement equipment

- Equipment on truck for irrigation and flushing, sewage cleaning and other municipal services. The company has a high degree of vertical integration and also designs and manufactures many of the equipment components.

Dual Training Mode

1 place for Dual Training aimed at UdL students

Data on training activities in the company

The tasks performed by the student within the company will be evaluated and will be recognized for a total of 24 ECTS credits. The specialty that will be recognized to the student within the dual training program is the "Enterprise Integrated Projects".

Rigual if he is interested in the student doing the TFM in the company

Description of the tasks and the professional profile to be developed by the student / worker

The student must develop the ability to manage the projects that are developed in the company autonomously, although with the support of his colleagues in the Department of Engineering and the tutor.

This will focus on:

  • Technical definition of the requirements from the commercial contract
  • Preparation of plans and lists of materials
  • Structural calculations of the elements that require it
  • Circuit design and sizing of hydraulic and pneumatic components
  • Realization of programs of cut and folding
  • Launch of the necessary manufacturing orders
  • Manufacturing staff support
  • Manufacturing cost analysis

For this reason, the following computer tools will be used:

  • Program de CAD SolidWorks
  • ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Programes Lantek i Cibelec per a tall i plegat
  • Microsoft Office

Integrated training in the company


Specify hours in the company during the school period (half day - 4 hours / day)

Flexible, between 8 and 13 hours Specify hours in the company during the non-school period (full time - 8 hours / day)

Flexible between 7am and 5pm to be agreed between the student and the company * The student is hired full time. When the student is carrying out Master’s training activities (classes or assessments) it is considered as if the student is working in the company

The duration of the training

October 2020 to August 2022 * * You can start hiring in September if you wish. The duration of the internship contract can be extended up to a maximum of 2 years.

Gross annual remuneration


Locality where the dual training

will take place A2 motorway, km 442 - 22520 FRAGA


Profile of students / workers

Knowledge and requirements

Degree in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic or Industrial Technologies.

SolidWorks knowledge

Knowledge of Microsoft Office


Basic English.

French will be valued.

Other aspects to be assessed in the selection process

Ability to work in a team eager to learn