Master's degree in Industrial Engineering



Company presentation

The Vall Companys Group is a leading and solid group in the agri-food sector with a professional career that began in 1956. The family character of the group, supported by a professional and highly involved human team, as well as a policy of reinvestment of profits, marks a business orientation based on progressive growth.

The activities of the Group's more than 40 companies consist of flour plants, feed mills, meat production centers, pig, poultry and cattle slaughterhouses, own pharmaceutical laboratories specializing in animal health, insemination centers, incubators and a company of logistics.

The Department of S.I. is centralized in Lleida and serves all the Group's companies. SI services include all kinds of activities required for the service to an industrial company with a turnover of around € 1.7 billion.

And more than 3000 workers They are carried out from tasks related to corporate ERP (Microsoft Axapta, programming / consulting), through the creation of APP's, studies of AI algorithms applied to production processes, to those of systems and communications and those of industrial devices, all related to each of the Group's sectors.

Dual Training Mode

1 place for Dual Training aimed at UdL students

Data training activities in the company

The tasks carried out by the student within the company will be evaluated and recognized for a total of 24 ECTS credits. The specialty that the student will be recognized within the dual training program is "Enterprise Integrated Projects".

Vall Companys if you are interested in the student taking the TFM to the company

Description of the tasks and the professional profile to be developed by the student / worker

It will carry out the tasks within the maintenance team of the feed manufacturing plant located in Lleida.

Most of the first year and within your factory induction program you will need to get to know the following points:

  • The raw materials and additives used in the manufacture of feed High knowledge of feed manufacturing and distribution processes
  • Know the instrumentation and the process control system.
  • The MES system of the plant and the relations and exchange of data with the ERP of the company.
  • The operations associated with the feed factory: steam generation and water cycle of boilers, electricity and electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, motors and machines.
  • Introduction to the quality system and HACCP of the feed manufacturing and distribution environment
  • Know the environmental and occupational hazards obligations associated with the manufacture of feed

Once you consider this known part you will become involved in the management of plant maintenance.

You will need to get to know:

  • The management of the equipment / machines associated with the process, the maintenance operations, the designated preventives and their execution.
  • The management of available resources, human and material, participate in the planning and execution of maintenance tasks.
  • Management of spare parts and material purchases.
  • Stock management and material warehouses.
  • Tool management.
  • Know the industrial safety associated with each machine and its compliance.
  • Technical inspections and monitoring of results.

And finally, we will ask for your participation and opinion to: The analysis and study of current maintenance, options for improvement and optimization of the same Maintenance team management analysis

Integrated training in the company


To be determined

The duration of the training

October 2020 to August 2022 *

* You can start hiring in September if you wish. The duration of the internship contract can be extended up to a maximum of 2 years.

Gross annual remuneration

To be determined

Locality where the dual training will take place


Poligon industrial El Segre, 604-605

25191 Lleida

Profile of students / workers

Knowledge and requirements

Requires own mobility



Other aspects to be assessed in the selection process