Master's degree in Industrial Engineering



company presentation

Alier S.A. is a paper industrial company founded in 1833 that specializes in the transformation of recovered paper into "Carton Wall" (Plasterboard), a market in which we are world leaders.

We carry out the entire production process in our facilities, from the preparation of pasta to the purification of water, having our own cogeneration plant and the relevant logistics infrastructure.

We have an annual output of 170,000 tons of paper, exporting more than 90% of our production to countries in Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

We firmly believe in talent and teamwork, as well as sustainability, which is why we set guidelines in our process to eliminate the environmental impact of resource use.

Dual Training Modality

1 place for Dual Training aimed at UdL students

Data training activities in the company

The tasks carried out by the student within the company will be evaluated and recognized for a total of 24 ECTS credits. The specialty that the student will be recognized within the dual training program is Project Management and Human Resources. specific technology: Industrial Organization II. Optional block: Business Projects.

Alier if you are interested in the student taking the TFM to the company

Description of the tasks and the professional profile to be developed by the student / worker

Paper production is an industrial production process with a high water consumption, as it is necessary for the separation of fibers from the raw material, steam generation, preparation of chemicals and cooling of circuits, among others.

Alier has set itself the goal of reducing and optimizing this consumption and being able to close the circuit, thus minimizing the flow of water collection, and consequently, the volume of water to be treated.

The project focuses as part of the continuous improvement of the process, optimizing each of the stages that make it up, making better and more sustainable use of water.

The tasks to be performed by the student are included in:

  • Identification of the points of consumption of clear water and quantification of the same
  • Analysis of circuits and process parameters
  • Automation and optimization of water consumption at each stage of the process
  • Study, design and implementation of improvements for the re-use of process and discharge water. Yield calculation.

The student will be trained in the industrial field knowing a complex and diverse production process, as it consists of different industrial processes, from the transformation and separation of fiber to water purification and biogas generation. It will also develop its capacity for autonomous work, as well as team, as it will support the different technical departments of the company.

Integrated training in the company


in the company during the school period (half day - 4 hours / day) 9 to 13 hours (agree with the student)

Hours in the company during the NON-school period (full-time - 8 hours / day) 8 to 13 and from 15 to 18 (flexibility of entry and exit time, to be agreed with the student). Friday intensive day (8 to 15:00 hours)

The duration of the training

October 2020 to August 2022 * * You can start hiring in September if you wish. The duration of the internship contract can be extended up to a maximum of 2 years.

Gross annual remuneration


Locality where the dual training will take place


Poligon Industrial s/n

Profile of students / workers

Knowledge and requirements

Technical engineering or degree (industrial, chemical or similar)

Initiative Ability to self-manage work and self-employment

Eager to train and learn


Catalan, Spanish and English

Other aspects to be assessed in the selection process

Previous work experience in industry and knowledge of industrial production processes