Master's degree in Industrial Engineering


Distribution by semesters

The tables below show the subjects distributed by semesters and the ECTS credits associated with the subjects:

1st Course - 1st Semester
ECTS 1st Course - 2nd Semester ETCS
Generation and Distribution of Energy 6 Advanced Manufacture Systems 6
Unit Operations of Chemical Processes 6 Machine Design and Testing I 6
Electrical Installations and HVAC Systems
6 Industrial Structures I 6
Industrial Organization I 6 Industrial Organization II 6
Structural and Mechanical Analysis 6 Thermohydraulics 6
Systems Engineering 6 Feedback Control 6


2nd Course - 1st Semester
ECTS 2nd Course - 2nd Semester ETCS
Thermal and Hydraulic Machines 6 Electric Machinery in Industry (optional) 6
Electronics and Control Systems Design 6 Analysis of Industrial Thermal Equipment (optional) 6
Control, Certifications and Auditing 6 Design of Metal Structures (optional) 6
Business Administration 6 CAE Studies on Machinery (optional) 6
Project and Human Resource Management 6 Industrial instrumentation (optional) 6
    Dynamic and Control Systems (optional) 6
    Mobility I (optional) 6
    Mobility II (optional) 6
    Master’s Thesis 18

Follow-up sessions

Full-time students
Description  Dates
 Welcome meeting (Group) 1st half of September
 Follow-up meeting (Individual)* 2nd half of November
 Follow-up meeting 1st Semester (Group) 2nd half of February
 Follow-up meeting (Individual)* 2nd half of April
 Follow-up meeting 2nd Semester (Group) 2nd half of May

*This meeting will be held individually with students who request it.

 Alumnos a tiempo completo con modalidad de Formación Dual
Descripción  Fechas
 Training meeting 2nd half of September
 1st meeting 2nd half of October
 2nd meeting 2nd half of January
 3rd meeting 2nd half of February
 Workshop Dual-Skills 1st half of April
 4th meeting 2nd half of June
 5th meeting (2nd Course) 2nd half of September
 6th meeting (2nd Course) 2nd half of January
 7th meeting (2nd Course) 2nd half of February
 Master Thesis Follow-up meetings (2ns Course) February-July
 Master Thesis presentation (2nd Course) 1nd half of July/September
 8th meeting (2nd Course) 2nd half of July/September

Itinerary of part-time students

Part-time students are those who combine university studies with paid work and who wish to pursue Master studies at a different pace. Part-time students must enroll for a minimum of credits per academic year (+info). The maximum number of credits should be the same fixed by UdL for full-time students.

The academic itinerary for Part-Time students will be agreed individually with each student, according to their particular circumstances and academic requirements of subjects: working in groups or individual.