Master's degree in Industrial Engineering

Master’s thesis

The final degree project is a subject matter included in the syllabi of any bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. The master’s thesis (MT) of the Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering is worth 18 ECTS credits, has to be completed in the last course and it comprises work that every student carries out under the supervision of a director or two co-directors. This work allows students to show in an integrated way their acquired knowledge and competences associated with the master’s degree (course guide).


Regulations on the master’s thesis (approved by the Board of School on 28/02/2024).


  • In order to enrol in the master’s thesis, it must have been previously proposed. Prior to the presentation of the master’s thesis proposal students must pass 40% of master’s degree credits.
  • The master’s thesis can be presented after passing all compulsory subjects.

Dates and requirements for presenting the master’s thesis can be found at this link.

Director and co-directors

Every master’s thesis is directed by a director or two co-directors. The director or one of the co-directors must be a teacher who belongs to a teaching department of the same degree.

An external teacher may be proposed as a co-director, in which case a member of the UdL teaching staff must perform as a co-director.


The proposal of the master’s thesis may be carried out in the following way:

  • A student’s proposal.
  • A department’s proposal.
  • Proposals carried out within the framework of the convention of cooperation between university and enterprises.
  • Projects carried out within the framework of the mobility offered by the UdL.

The proposal must be approved by the director (or the co-director) and the coordinator of the degree.


The enrolment allows a student to apply for the reading of his/her master’s thesis once during the academic year.

The enrolment may be processed during two periods along the academic year:

  • At the beginning of the first semester.
  • At the beginning of the second semester.

Detailed information about the enrolment period can be found at this link.

Assessment of the master’s thesis

The master’s thesis will be assessed following continuous assessment methodology. The final mark will be based on the marks of the following four items:

  • Initial report (10%) which shows the assimilation of the aims and context of the MT to be carried out. It is assessed by the director
  • Follow-up report (10%) which presents evolution of the MT and decisions made. It is assessed by the director.
  • Final MT presentation document (50%). It is assessed by the director.
  • Presentation and defense of the MT in front of the examination committee (30%). Students will present their project and defend it publically answering the committee’s questions.

Corresponding marks of different items will be collected by the director through Continuous Assessment Portfolio of the MT, available at this link.


The committee is composed of three members of whom at least one member must belong to the teaching staff of the Higher Polytechnic School, and at least two of them must be university teachers or researchers. The director or one of the co-directors will take part in the committee.

The degree coordinator will appoint the members of the committee. This appointment will be proposed by the director who personally fills out the proposal documents.

Delivery and defense of the thesis

The master’s thesis must be delivered at least 5 working days prior to the presentation date following the instructions given in the Regulation on master’s thesis.

The procedure to deliver the MT is detailed at this link.

The defense of the MT can be carried out between 1st October and 15th September of the academic year in which the work was registered.

Engineers Lleida Award

Every year the Official College of Engineers of Catalonia with its delegation in Lleida and the Higher Polytechnic School (EPS) give award to the best master’s thesis of the master’s degree in Industrial Engineering. More information can be found at this link.



The syllabus of this Master does not consider mandatory practices.