Master's degree in Industrial Engineering



The Polytechnic School (EPS) of the University of Lleida (UdL) implemented, in a pioneering way at the state level, the Dual Training modality in its offer of master's degrees (Master in Industrial Engineering and Master in Computer Engineering) and, later in the Degree in Technical Architecture and Building and the Degree in Techniques of Digital Communication and Computing.

Dual Training is based on the principle of complementarity of learning in an academic environment and in a professional environment. The student becomes the learner who studies. It is a type of training that is carried out in alternation between the university and the company and in which the student is offered a paid employment contract and the recognition of credits made in the company.



International students are enrolled in the company by means of extracurricular full-time practices.


The full-time internship contract considers that a portion of the day the studen is placed at the company and another part is devoted to the academic training in the master, as established in the training plan defined individually for each student.

During academic periods, students will combine their training by developing tasks in the company (4 hours daily) and tracking studies (4 hours daily). This proportion can be changed during the last semester of the studies, as established in the training plan to be developed for each student.

During periods without classes, students attend full time to the company.


The dual training period starts on October 2018 until September 2020. This period may vary according to each particular situation.

Subjects recognition

Each company must choose the subjects and optativity where the training done in the company fits. The students must take this optativity if they want to enrol in that particular position.

Enrolment and timing

The steps to follow to enrol in the Dual Training of the MEIND are:

May: EPS and comanies publish the positions for dual training for the students starting the Master the next year.

Until June 10th, 2019:

  1. Enrol to MEIND
  2. Contact the coordinator of Dual Training to be included in the specific space in the virtual campus. Send an email to: with the following data: Name of the student, UdL email, and National Identity Card number.
  3. Go to the space "Formació Dual MEIND / Dual Training MEIND" in the virtual campus
  4. Access to the open activity to:
  • Fill out the form with the prioritization of companies
  • Upload your Curriculum Vitae
  • Upload you academic record
  • Upload Cover letter

June 17th, 2019: the Curriculum Vitae, the academic record, and the Cover letter will be send to the companies selected by the students.


  1. The companies will start the selection process.
  2. Each company will contact the candidate students.
  3. Before (Date to be determined -July) the companies will notify the students and EPS about their selection.

In September a second round of selection will be done for those students who had not been assigned a company in July.

In October the selected students will start the Dual Training in the MEIND.


Offers Dual Training of the MEIND for the course 2020-21


Table-Summary of the vacancies in Dual Training of the MEIND for the course 20-21









Project and human resource management

Specific technology: Design and testing of machines I

Optional: Projects in company I and II

15.000 € 





Project and human resource management

Specific technology: Design and testing of machines I

Optional: Projects in company I and II

13.000 € 





Project and human resource management

Specific technology: Design and testing of machines I

Optional: Projects in company I and II

To be determined

12.000-14.000 € 

To be determined




Project and human resource management

Specific technology: Design and testing of machines Industrial

constructions I Industrial organization II

Optional: Projects in company I and II

14.000 €  YES




Project and human resource management

Specific technology: Industrial organization II

Optional: Projects in company I and II

15.000 €  YES




Project and human resource management

Specific technology: Industrial organization II

Optional: Projects in company I and II

To be determined

To be determined




Project and human resource management

Specific technology: Design and testing of machines I

Optional: Projects in company I and II

To be determined  YES


List of collaborating companies

List of Collaborating Companies in the Dual Training of the MEIND


Alier S.A. is a paper industrial company founded in 1833 that specializes in the transformation of recovered paper into CartonWall (Plasterboard), a market in which we are world leaders. We carry out the entire production process in our facilities, from the preparation of pulps to water purification, having our own cogeneration plant and the relevant logistics infrastructure.

We have an annual output of 170,000 tons of paper, exporting more than 90% of our production to countries in Europe, Africa, America and Asia. We strongly believe in Italy and teamwork, as well as in sustainability, which is why we set guidelines in our process to eliminate the environmental impact of resource use.. WEB


Food industry dedicated to the production and distribution of meat products and food solutions. With about 1,500 employees, 4 production plants and 8 logistics centers nationwide. Each of the plants is specialized in the production of different types of product. Also with an international presence, it has 3 subsidiaries (France, Germany and the Netherlands). WEB

BonArea Agrupa

BonÀrea agrupa is a conglomerate of companies, which around their main activity, agri-food, develop other lines of business, as unknown as the distribution of computer products, with two stores and the activity of telecommunications operator, obtaining internet and telephony services in a part of La Segarra.

Our entrepreneurial nature has led us to get involved in areas such as artificial vision, robotics, and even in the development of our own electronics, always with the aim of optimizing and improving processes. At the technological level, the size of the company gives us the opportunity to work with the most advanced technologies, together with the large team of bonÀrea IT formed by more than 100 professionals. WEB

Borges International Group

Global Agri-Food Group of family and Mediterranean origin with more than 121 years of history and a strong international presence. Leaders in farm management, industrial processing, packaging and marketing of olive and seed oils, nuts, dried fruit, Modena vinegar, pasta and snacks WEB


Ilnet UTE, with 200 employees, is the City Council's concessionaire to carry out waste collection, road cleaning and waste management services in the city of Lleida. It provides services 365 days a year, in three shifts: morning, afternoon and evening. It has a fleet of vehicles of about 80 units including trucks, machines, vans and small vehicles WEB


Payper was established in Lleida (Catalonia, Spain) in 1973. Pioneers in Spain, from the beginning we have specialized in the design and manufacture of machinery for weighing, bagging and palletizing solutions.

We are currently the largest manufacturer in the Spanish bagging industry and one of the leading in Europe. Our team, which has about 100 highly skilled professionals, works at all times to meet the demands of the global market in terms of cost-effective and reliable equipment.

Payper develops and manufactures bagging machines for all types of bulk solids, such as powders and granules. Other important product ranges include palletizers and complete lines.

Our customers belong to the most varied sectors, from the agri-food industry to the chemical, mining or construction. Payper offers a comprehensive solution for each sector.

For us there are no needs or demands that are too small or too big. We supply baggers to small industrial plants with low production needs.

We also provide complete turnkey projects to customers who have high demands in terms of capacity and speed. What matters most to us is that our customers feel comfortable and satisfied with the solution we have developed for them. WEB


Rigual's main activity is the design, manufacture, sale and after-sales service of:

  • Trailers and agricultural machinery
  • Tank and self-supporting tanks for the transport of liquid fuels, with or without supply and measurement equipment
  • Equipment on truck for irrigation and cleaning, sewer cleaning and other municipal services.

The company has a high degree of vertical integration and also designs and manufactures many of the equipment components. WEB

Romero Polo

Romero Polo is a family business group founded in 1984 by José Antonio Romero Polo. The company brings together various activities related to the construction sector, offering a comprehensive work and maintenance service to both public and private bodies, and the services sector, with special dedication to the global management of the needs of municipalities WEB

Ros Roca

Ros Roca's mission is to improve people's lives and their environment. Innovation and research are our main axes, which pushes our entire work system towards our main goal: a better, more modern, sustainable and environmentally friendly society.

We aim to provide our customers with a service in accordance with our essential values:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • flexibility
  • Customer Orientation
  • Integrity Focuses its activity on the manufacture of equipment for waste collection and management.

He also designs and develops engineering process system applied to the environment. WEB


Sorigué is a solvent and dynamic business group, a benchmark in the sectors of technology and engineering of water, services, construction and materials, with a clear commitment to innovation and a vocation to return to society.

Founded in 1954, it has its origins in the production of aggregates and the treatment of asphalt. During these decades, Sorigué has experienced a constant expansion that, together with the increase in the volume of business, human resources and own resources, has resulted in the diversification of its areas of activity.

During these sixty years, the group has been able to evolve in response to market demands and maintaining solvent relationships with its customers and suppliers, which has allowed it, at the same time, to make a continuous reinvestment in its technical and human resources.

The company maintains an avant-garde position in both the development of new products and production methods: a constant evolution with the aim of creating value in each process and continuously innovating through excellence.

Sorigué has developed a comprehensive business model, with offices in the main Spanish cities and develops its activity throughout the country.

In addition, it has carried out important projects on an international scale. WEB


We offer solutions to the needs of our customers that allow them to improve their vehicles in quality of service, competitiveness and efficiency.

TRADINSA is a leading company in the Spanish railway market.

The multidisciplinary sense of our work alongside our vocation for service enables our clients to find very advantageous solutions.

Our offer is a global and complete solution to the problem of aging trains, the loss of reliability of their equipment and the decrease in their safety. The synergies of our three business areas; Rehabilitations, Integral Maintenance and Manufacture of Machinery and testing equipment, together with a highly specialized human team allow us to find a comprehensive solution to all your problems.

Belonging to the CAF Group, we have been offering our services since 1997. Our Mission is to offer a comprehensive service ranging from Vehicle Rehabilitation to improving the efficiency of your equipment through proper maintenance.

Incorporating into its processes all the necessary equipment to help ensure the methods of work and staff training. WEB

Vall Companys

The Vall Companys Group is a leading and solid group in the agri-food sector with a professional career that began in 1956.

The family character of the group, supported by a professional and highly involved human team, as well as a profit reinvestment policy, marks a business orientation based on progressive growth. The activities of the Group's more than 40 companies consist of flour plants, feed mills, meat production centers, pig, poultry and cattle slaughterhouses, own pharmaceutical laboratories specializing in animal health, insemination centers, incubators and a company. of logistics.

The Department of S.I. is centralized in Lleida and serves all Group companies. SI services include all kinds of activities necessary to service an industrial company with a turnover of around € 1.7 billion. and more than 3000 workers.

They are carried out from tasks related to corporate ERP (Microsoft Axapta, programming / consulting), through the creation of APP s, studies of AI algorithms applied to production processes, to those of systems and communications. and those of industrial devices, all related to each one of the sectors of Group. WEB